Introducing Fast Media magazine

I’m very pleased to announce that  Fast Media magazine is now live.  The business magazine for Stock Media professionals is put together by Industry insiders, outside experts and users of Stock Media. The focus is broad, mostly forward and outward looking with an emphasis on new technologies and business opportunities.

We report on business, people, products and events in and around the industry and mix this with news, opinions and entertainment from the world around us. Altogether we hope this provides an inspirational and provocative mix that is both relevant and useful for companies and individuals in the Stock Media- and related industries.

And yes, I know we’re in the middle of a recession and also realise there are some significant challenges to the business model. This is exactly why the website and magazine are here. Both serve as a platform for an intensive, open and constructive debate about the future. The site is full of features that facilitate this debate.  All articles can be commented on, opinions can be submitted and posted, a full forum offers an opportunity to discuss the widest range of subjects and the directory will help people find the right companies, services and information quickly.

There’s also a more ‘slow media’ element to this and this is the magazine.  The magazine is perfect if you like to take in information in your own time. It is fully illustrated and in a printable format. I think it gives our best features the attention they deserve.

Finally, this is only the first issue and we will not get it right immediately. Please help Fast Media  magazine become the best source for the information it can be by giving feedback, ideas and tips. If you have a great story to tell we will happily write about it for the site and/or the magazine.

Marco Oonk, editor

27 Juli 2009


Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses