How record labels are changing their business model

An article by Jason Feinberg in Media shift explores the Music industries’ business models and gets several opinions of industry insiders. With overlaps between Stock Media and the music industry there are a number of relevant points in the article. One commentator, sees business models for Stock media and ‘Stock Music’ converging.

“The major labels will look more like music publishing and even stock photography companies, focused on maximizing income from exploiting licensing opportunities. Their operations will scale down, but they will not go out of business,” she said.

Adams offers up a much different model.

“I think corporate patronage is the only viable model,” he said. “Something that mashes up Levi’s ads in the ’90s and the Starbucks’ label…I really don’t see anyone else who values music in such a way and sees an upside to being associated with the emotional relationship people have with music.”

via MediaShift . What Will Record Labels Look Like in the Future? | PBS.

Marco | Editor

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