Monocle making ‘old media’ successful

This article in the Independent explores the success of Wallpaper  founder and columnist Tyler Brule with his new magazine Monocle. The magazine has not only increased its paid readership in tough times for printed media but is also expanding to retail. They have now opened 5 Monocle branded shops. Brule explains what he believes is a key ingredient in keeping a magazine attractive to its readers.

Then there is the magazine itself, the very core of the business and a wonder to touch as well as to behold thanks to its five different paper stocks. Worth every penny, says Brûlé. “Media owners around the world are scratching their heads, asking why magazines and newspapers aren’t selling anymore. Why? Because you’ve downgraded the experience. When you are competing against digital, which can zoom in and animate? then your print experience needs to be tactile and exciting and, for magazines, a bit collectable.”

via Has Monocle brought a corrective lens to the business of magazines? – Press, Media – The Independent.

Marco | Editor

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