Google to speak at Paca conference

Paca announced that Google and Imense will talk at the  PACA Conference in Miami Beach. They will talk through advances in search technology, the potential impact on image and video search, and on a user’s search experience.

Search engines have traditionally been based on matching keywords typed into query boxes with words associated with images, video, and other online data. Semantic Search technology is smart enough to understand what sentences or combinations of words actually mean, returning more accurate and relevant search results.

Google, for instance, implemented Semantic Search on March 24, 2009, to help the company better grasp what Web users are searching for. For example, a Google search for “principles of physics” triggers suggestions at the bottom of the page for “quantum mechanics” and “special relativity”. Often this semantic analysis uses an “linguistic ontology” to understand the relationships between words and concepts.

In visual recognition systems as used by imense®, an image or video is analyzed for content using computer vision. The concepts and their spatial position within the image are stored as a “visual ontology”, combining this visual ontology with a “linguistic ontology” allows a user to search inside the image. As an example an search for “woman facing right alone” provides incredibly accurate returns—as opposed to traditional search technology.

Fast Media magazine will feature an interview with Imense for its second edition.

Marco | Editor

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