Getty Images to white label image partner content

Getty Images is announcing changes to how it treats Image partner content. It will introduce 4 different price levels. Images that are in the less expensive tiers will not show the Image partner collection names in the seach results and asset detail views. They will still remain visible in the advanced search view, in the shopping cart and in the image collections menu. The rationale is that most customers do not understand the differences between collections and find the many collection names confusing.

Getty Images explains how the price tiers will be set: “The price Higher prices will be associated with images that are more expensive to produce, that have higher production values, that appear to be more authentic, and that deal with subjects that are rarely available through microstock or other low cost providers.”

Getty Images states that the changes are driven by client demands in rapidly changing and challenging times.

The changes will be effective September 9, 2009 and Getty Images announces that further search enhancements will be developed in the coming months.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses