Share your story in Fast Media Magazine

Do you have specific business skills you’d like to share with others? Do you create beautiful content? Do you want people to know about your company?  I would love to hear your story and consider it for publication in Fast Media Magazine. I believe everyone has a unique set of skills, personality and experience that can make a great story that informs, entertains and teaches others.

Fast Media Magazine is a website, magazine and directory that I started recently. I will report on Stock Media and how these are accelerated by the web and communities. I consider everything that does not have to be produced on demand as Stock Media. This includes photography, video, illustration, music and articles.

Contributions will be posted online, sent through a newsletter and shared on networking sites. Selected content will also be published in a monthly online illustrated magazine. The original articles and interviews are mixed with relevant news from in-and outside the industry, reports on industry and clients events. I will publish content by Industry insiders, outside experts and users of Stock Media. The focus is broad, mostly forward and outward looking with an emphasis on new technologies and business opportunities.

My motive is pretty straightforward. I have worked in the Stock Media industry for 15 years and I like the dynamics and the people in it. I have always been excited by the pace of change but also equally worried about a lack of innovation from the inside with most of the major innovations and new models coming from new entrants. By highlighting opportunities and ideas from both in-and outside I hope the magazine can contribute to original thinking, best practice and innovation from within.

So if you want to help readers with your experience and skills and in turn benefit from the view of others let me know and we can see if there is something we can do to get the story out.

Marco Oonk, editor

Please note that this is a magazine, not a brochure. Articles need to be genuine, relevant and valuable for readers. Content will be edited before publication and a final version will be sent to you for approval.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses