Frank Micelotta and Paul Melcher launch Picturegroup

Frank Micelotta, a leading entertainment photographer and Paul Melcher, the former CEO of REX USA. VP at Digital railroad and publisher of industry Blog ‘Thoughts of a Bohemian are launching Picture Group.

“PictureGroup Offers Leading Entertainment Brands Complete Photo Solutions Including Production, Distribution, Licensing, Archiving, Integrated Content Marketing & Event Management”

PictureGroup also announced a strategic alliance with The Associated Press to license photos through the AP Images platform.  Under the arrangement, PictureGroup will distribute content through the AP Images Web site to more than 57,000 users worldwide.  At the same time, AP Images will offer premium content from PictureGroup to its online clients.  Furthermore, AP Images will be able to offer entertainment assignment services and the option of using PictureGroup photographers

Read more on Paul Melchers blog.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses