500 more sign with Journalism online

Journalism Online, the company that wants to enable news publishers to make money from their online content announced today it doubled the amount of companies that signed on. As yet it is unclear what technology it will use to enable this monetization of content.

“In August, we announced that more than 500 newspapers, magazines and online-based news sites in the United States and around the world had signed Letters of Intent with us,” said co-founder Gordon Crovitz. “Just one month later, we have passed 1,000, reaching more than 100 million online users, and the pace is accelerating.” A key factor, Crovitz added, is that publishers have concluded that this is not an either/or choice between advertising revenue and circulation revenue. He said, “Publishers are focused on the revenue potential of a mix of free and paid access to their sites, with the ‘freemium’ approach increasingly popular.”

The company quoted research by the  American Press Institute (API)  that reported: “nearly 60% of American newspapers are actively considering initiation some form of paid access for their online content”

 Journalism Online was founded in April 2009.

via Journalism Online | In the News.

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