The 3 D’s of Sales

Dare, Do and Discipline. These are the  3 main elements you need to keep in mind when you start selling. This is what strategic sales consultant Andy Vlaeminck told Fast Media Magazine today.

Dare: You should have the guts to change the way you think and work. If the numbers are dropping, if clients stop calling you, you’re doing something wrong. While you’re nagging about the recession, somebody else is selling to your clients. So look in the mirror and face reality. But don’t stop there.

Do:  You’ll have to actually do something. Because while you’re analysing what went wrong yesterday, while you’re working on 50 different ways to look at a spreadsheet and while you’re busy brainstorming with expensive consultants  on a new approach, you’re missing out on the opportunities of today and tomorrow. The fun is in the streets, mixing with the clients.

Discipline: This is crucial. You have to keep on doing this, forever. In sales, you can never settle down. Because the market and the clients are constantly moving.

Andy is an independent sales consultant that is booked solid into 2010. He has worked in the advertising industry and with Getty Images. I will soon be publishing a 2-part interview in the magazine and on the site.

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Andy Vlaeminck

Andy has over 20 years of experience with sales, marketing & communication. The seeds for his personal sales style were planted in the shops and small businesses where he worked to pay for his studies. In the years that followed, he covered the whole range from local small businesses and fast growing medium sized companies to large traditional companies. After passing through some start-ups in the new media, he spent the last 5 years as an employee with a large international company. Over the years, he learned, adopted and improved all the known tools, tricks and techniques. And it’s exactly this diversity that creates his unique blend. On top of that, Andy ads a personal touch of healthy curiosity, positive provoking, an open mind and almost irresistible enthusiasm