Full circle, now Google will print its digital books

Google will start printing the digital books it has on file. For now this will only relate to the copyright free books from before 1923. If they get permisson to also use the unupublished copyrighted books it will apply to those as well. The estimated price will be $8,-. Of this $8,- Google will keep $1,- and their partner$1,-. The rest will to charities.

From the press release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Google Inc. is giving 2 million books in its digital library a chance to be reincarnated as paperbacks.

As part of a deal announced Thursday, Google is opening up part of its index to the maker of a high-speed publishing machine that can manufacture a paperback-bound book of about 300 pages in under five minutes. The new service is an acknowledgment by the Internet search leader that not everyone wants their books served up on a computer or an electronic reader like those made by Amazon.com Inc. and Sony Inc.

via Google to reincarnate digital books as paperbacks by AP: Yahoo! Tech.

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