Getty Images makes investment in Daylife

Getty Images announced a strategic investment in Daylife today. Daylife is a leading content services company. Getty Images and Daylife will create new “SmartMedia” prodcucts that allow imagery to be incorporated in websites more easily and effectively. The first product is called Smartgallery and is allready live on the Getty Images website.

From the press release 

“This partnership will merge Getty Images’ world-class content with Daylife’s technology, creating new tools for our media and publishing customers that enable them to curate and publish dynamic rich content easily and seamlessly on their websites in order to maximize traffic and advertising potential,” said Getty Images CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Klein. “Working with Daylife is further confirmation of our continued and unstinting commitment to move the industry forward for the benefit of the changing needs of our customers.”

SmartGalleries offers the most editorially efficient way for customers to curate and publish a limitless number of photo galleries to their websites. With SmartGalleries’ intelligent image discovery, real-time autofill support, gallery curation and management tools, editors can create more galleries faster, taking full advantage of the huge range of Getty Images news, sport, entertainment and archive photography.

The product offers simple, seamless integration with existing websites, as the SmartGalleries can be tailored to match any interface or branding requirements. A fully hosted solution, SmartGalleries is a simple way to increase page views-per-visit through an enticingly visual, infinitely clickable user experience without additional IT, bandwidth, or hosting demands.

“The partnership between Getty Images and Daylife will enable our customers to stay ahead of emerging trends in real-time media, content curation, and more fluid user experiences,” said Upendra Shardanand, CEO of Daylife. “Daylife has invested heavily in our market-leading technology platform and easy-to-use editorial tools. Together, Getty Images and Daylife will provide an even more engaging experience for our customers who now have access to Getty Images’ best-in-class photography.”

SmartGalleries is the first offering from the partnership. Getty Images and Daylife will continue to integrate their leading content and technology to introduce solutions and products that further simplify and enhance the digital publishing process and results for companies, events and organizations.

 Getty Images: Getty Images Announces Partnership with Daylife.

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