New Microstock agency, by Deutsche Telekom

Polylook has started operations in the UK today. Backed by Deutsche Telekom the company claims that it can provide photography with a unique European flavour in a microstock industry that is dominated by North American companies. Polylook says its team of editors will go through every image that is submitted to ensure consistent quality. It will sell images from £1 ,- to £25,- for commercial usages and £50,- for merchandising. Like other microstock sites the transaction will be credit-based.

From the press release:

Polylooks already contains more than 35,000 UK-generated images alongside its extensive European portfolio and the site is looking to expand its British photo collection, including 20,000 from its UK partner Monkey Business Images. The microstock market is currently dominated by North American providers, the company said, meaning more European-specific content was needed to ca-ter for rising demands this side of the Atlantic.

“Talented amateur and professional photographers alike can make money easily from their images using Polylooks. The market for microstock photos is growing as demand from an increasingly digital economy rises, and Europe has traditionally been underserved by this industry,” said Norbert Weber, Product Manager, Polylooks. “Polylooks aims to become the best site for the corporate and creative industries, enabling decision-makers to source photo material that expresses a European look and feel.”

Photographers who exclusively post their material on Polylooks receive 50 per cent of the net sale price and those with non-exclusive arrangements receive 35 per cent. All photos undergo a short compatibility and quality test to ensure the highest possible content standards.

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  • September 17, 2009 at 9:46 am

    As an American, I signed up with Polylooks UK, but cannot sell because of tax issues.

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