Istockphoto introduces legal protection for collection

Earlier this week Istockphoto introduced legal protection for all images in its collection. This is the press release announcing the changes:

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 16, 2009 – Starting today, iStockphoto, becomes the first micropayment royalty-free image, video and audio provider to legally guarantee all files in its collection – at no cost to the customer. iStock promises that files purchased and used in accordance with the iStock license, will not breach any trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights or rights of privacy.

The iStock Legal Guarantee provides that, if a customer receives a claim, iStock will cover the customer’s legal costs and direct damages to a combined total of $10,000. iStock customers looking for additional peace of mind can also purchase an extension of the Legal Guarantee for 100 iStock credits, increasing iStock’s coverage for legal fees and direct damages up to a combined total of $250,000. “Our first line of defense has always been – and continues to be – our rigorous inspection process,” said Kelly Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of iStockphoto. “The Legal Guarantee is simply an added layer of protection for our customers, many of whom are using microstock more than ever before.”

Guaranteed Multimedia Files — What it Means The iStock Legal Guarantee provides added assurance for clients. From large advertising agencies and their clients to small businesses developing a website, presentation or blog, iStock is one of the safest and most affordable destinations for multimedia files. Every file accepted into iStockphoto’s collection has undergone a meticulous examination. In addition to following some of the strictest quality standards in the industry, iStock’s seasoned team of inspectors goes to great lengths to ensure submissions follow the appropriate legal and ethical guidelines. “There are certainly millions of images available on the Web, but most are not cleared for commercial usage.

Creative Commons images can be perfect for some projects, but there are little to no formal inspections on those files, so iStock offers a much safer and suitable alternative when using multimedia,” Thompson added. As the microstock industry leader, iStock also keeps a technical wiki on copyright and trademark issues around the world, as it is not always obvious what is prohibited to shoot as stock, and the rules vary in nearly every country. Who knew, for example that certain stitching on jeans is protected by trademark? iStock knows. Received

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