Email newsletter now daily

I have been posting a lot of articles on the site and Fast Media Magazine is quickly approaching the 100 posts mark. I also have a lot more content ready to go online or in progress. This is why I am trying out something new; the email newsletter is now a daily update of the latest post instead of weekly.

As the email will only contain the 5 latest stories and I post up to 5 a day you would miss quite a bit of the news, interview, opionions and articles if you only read the weekluy update. I do realise that all of you receive many emails allready, therefore I have put a poll on the homepage to find out how you feel about the daily updates. I you overwhelmingly feel it’s too much to handle just let me know and/or fill in the poll.

I do appreciate your support and hope you will give this some time. On my side I will do my best to continue to deliver relevant news and original content from the industry and the world around it.

Best regards,


Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses