Free is the new businessmodel?

Cnet interviewed Mike Masnick of the popular blog techdirt. He is exploring various ways to monetize contet that would recently have ben available free of charge:

“Heaping criticism and scorn on media companies has worked well for Mike Masnick, operator of the popular blog Techdirt.

Mike Masnick thinks alternative business models for the music, film, and publishing sectors are out there. He wants to help find them.

Still, there’s no denying that his brand of criticism has resonated with the growing number of techies, bloggers, and file sharers who believe art, news, and entertainment should be free. What separates Masnick, 34, from other notable old-media critics is that he isn’t satisfied with just slamming music labels or Hollywood studios for failing to find alternative business models. He’s gone looking for them himself.”

via Dirt cheap: Techdirt bets on ‘free’ business models | Digital Media – CNET News.

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