Radical overhaul of the music industry needed

Research firm Forrester proposes a further rethink of the music industry businessmodel by offering consumers a multitude of options for music they are listening to. This would lead to a solution that integrates photo’s, video, concert tickets, remixing, sharing and more. Check out the article for a schematic of what a future offering could look like.

“The music industry needs a “radical overhaul” to its products if it wants to revive sales, and that overhaul revolves around actually catering to consumer needs. That’s the argument in a new report from market research firm Forrester, which says that the music business needs to give up being obsessed with itself in favor of letting users create their own music experiences with ease. This goes far beyond offering mere albums for purchase—Forrester suggests users be allowed to completely customize and share their music in an extremely open, platform-agnostic manner.”

via Music biz still in need of “radical overhaul” to thrive – Ars Technica.

Marco | Editor

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