The wandering photographer

In this second contribution by Gerry Thies writes about: Extolling the merits of the wandering photographer. (pictures copyright Jim Vecchi)

The self-financing contributing photographer is undoubtably one of the biggest image asset groups to any agency.  Within this base of photographers there is a select pack that I like to refer to as the wandering photographer.  It is in their DNA to work with a nomadic sensibility.  Armed with time, camera and their unique perspective, they canvas the world to capture images that can speak specifically to a culture, to an environment and especially in these times to an economy.  On a day-to-day basis they are one with their environment, documenting and preserving a way of life many of us wouldn’t have the chance to see firsthand.  Their images play with our emotions and give us new understandings. The wandering photographer adds an element that no art director can plan. 

For some being a wandering photographer is inherently their modus operandi.  Other photographers intermix their normal daily shooting routine with a planned diversion that may for instance include a 3 month zigzag secondary road trip across the United States. 

One such fully nomadic wandering photographer is Jim Vecchi.  Jim’s nomadic adventures take him throughout his Tuscany landscape, venturing as well to India and the United States.  Most of Jim’s photographs are devoid of people, almost like a land forgotten or slowed down by progress, yet we can see the struggle and determination to carry on and move forward.  His images show us there is intrigue in the commonplace.

Whatever the impetus for the nomadic travels, the resulting images, as unplanned ahead of time as they may be, bring us closer to the varied existences on our planet.  So let your photographers wander.  Let them seek the quirky, record the beautifully mundane and present us a world in its everyday splendor.

Gerry Thies

Marco | Editor

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  • October 19, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    nice… inspiring. thanks.
    Canon eos 1v is my favorite camera.
    analog means long battery time.
    People wont ask you to delete photos.
    Full frame for small money.
    Hit a guy with that camera, and he goes out cold :)

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