Bill Gates, Hitler, Einstein in bizarre ad-campaign

2 Corbis images  ( HU002796 / 42-15424337) where morphed into one portrait of “Adolf Dean” in this South Aftican ad campaign. Staying on the Corbis theme, there’s also a portrait that morphs Corbis owner Bill Gates with Elvis Presley.

Reported by PDNpulse and Adfreak the images in the ad campaign morph two historical or well known people into one creating a suprising result that is vaguely disturbing in the case of Adolf Hitler and James Dean.



The advert titled Adolf Dean was done by THE JUPITER DRAWING ROOM advertising agency for CNA Stores company in South Africa. It was released in the September 2009.

Tagline: Whether it’s a documentary on a dictator you can’t forget or a rebel you’ll never want to, we’ve got it.

Advertising Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Jhb, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Warsop
Creative Director: Thomas Cullinan
Art Director: Dana Cohen
Copywriter: Shane Durrant, PJ Eales
Illustrator: Wayne Trotskie

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