Rupert Murdoch against the internet

 Rupert Murdoch’s decission to start charging for online content of his newspapers has received a lot of attention. This in-depth article by Michael Wolff in Vanity Fair analyses Murdoch’s attitude to the internet, his past ventures and the likelyhood of his approach being correct or not.

“In one of my favorite Murdoch stories, his wife, Wendi, who had befriended the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, told me about how the “boys” had visited the Murdochs at their ranch in Carmel, California. When I marveled at this relative social mismatch and asked what they might have talked about, Wendi assured me that they had all gotten along very well.

“You know, Rupert,” Wendi said, “he’s always asking questions.”

“But what,” I prodded, “did he exactly ask?”

“He asked,” she said, hesitating only a beat before cracking herself up, “‘Why don’t you read newspapers?’””

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