Stock Photography deals October 2009

Here are the October deals we found on the web and in our email inbox. It’s early in the month so do come back regularly to check out the latest offers. If you have seen deals that are not listed let us know via email ( or as a comment to this post.

Discounts that are giving on specific collections will generally be available at any distributor that sells these collections. We will only list one here so don’t forget to ask your  supplier if they will honour the deal. 

50% Discount

Photolibary: 50% discount Photoalto and/or Zenshui CDs 30% Discount. Through October 2009| PROMO CODE: N/A

Jupiter Images: All of last months discounts are still listed as September offers. We will update the list once their site has changed

25% Discount

Photolibrary: 25% of all your next online purchase (RM and RF). October 2009 | PROMO CODE: Love25

Photolibary: 25% of all Eyecandy images. October 2009 | PROMO CODE:  –

Inmagine: 25% off all single images from Iloveimages collection. Octbober 2009. PROMO CODE:  –

20% Discount

Corbis: 20% of every image purchase in September. Rights Managed, Royalty Free, creative and editorial. It is still listed as September but likely to continue in October | PROMO CODE: CORBIS20

Inmagine: 20% discount on Corbis CD’s. (Image100/Fancy/Corbis RF). October 2009. PROMO CODE:  –

Inmagine: 20% discount on Foodcollection CD’s. October 2009. PROMO CODE:  –

Photolibary: 20% off all Corbis RFCD’s, Fancy RFCD’s and Image 100 RFCD’s, including VCD’s(Virtual CD’s). October 2009 . Online only | PROMO CODE:  –


Photolibary: 3 Eyecancy VCD’s for  £624,-. October 2009. PROMO CODE:  –

Photolibary: Ipod NANO video at £1999,- spend / Ipod SHUFFLE at £499,- spend. October 2009. PROMO CODE:  –

Photolibary: £20,- Amazon vouchers at £299,- spend. October 2009, PROMO CODE:  –

Inmagine: 3 VCDs for €£849 Iloveimages • | 2 Juice Images CDs for the price of 1. October 2009. PROMO CODE:  –

Inmagine: 3 Lushpix Footage OR Lushpix Backs CDs for the price of 2. October 2009. PROMO CODE:  –

Photocuisine: John Lewis or M&S Vouchers. Spend over £100 to get a £10 voucher, over £150 to get a £15 voucher, over £200 to get a £20 voucher, over £300 to get a £30 voucher.

The listed discounts are here to make your life easier and is our way to report on the deals in the industry. Please check with your preferred sales outlet and read their terms and conditions. Discounts change regularly and Fast Media Magazine takes no responsibility for the reported discounts. Please come back or register for the daily email updates so we can tell you about any new deals we find immediately. Stock Photography sellers can contact to let us know about new deals.

Image:Istockphoto/Giving Pennies

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