Google CEO on the future of newspapers

Danny Sullivan, author of the leading blog search engine land hs interviewed Google CEO Eric Schmidt about the future role of newspapers and how Google plans to work with newspapers to find new models. This interview comes after a prolonged debate about wether Google is harming the future of newspapers. In this insightful article Schmidt tries to take away some of the concern and makes a case for journalism.

“Is Google a newspaper killer? Not by a long shot, says Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Nor does he want it to be. In a long interview about his company’s relationship with newspapers and the print journalism industry, Schmidt made it clear he wants established players to survive. In fact, he thinks Google has a “moral responsibility” to help. But help doesn’t mean a handout.

Moreover, Schmidt said Google has a responsibility to help, given that part of his company’s vision is to make the world a better place. Without journalistic institutions to do professional investigative articles and other “deep” reporting, democracy would be harmed”

via Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Newspapers & Journalism.

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