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Things are going well here at Fast Media Magazine. In the past 2 months or so we published 200 articles and newsitems. Readership is growing, comments and discussions are starting to happen and the directory is attracting new companies regularly. 

Our identity has become ever clearer over the past weeks. We are a magazine for Media content owners, movers and users and offer a platform to discuss the common issues these three groups face. Think about the heated debate about copyright, piracy, free content, paid media online and also the many opportunities like new markets, new businessmodels, increased usernumbers and cheaper and better ways to produce content. I changed the logo last week to reflect the three sides of Media content with Fast Media Magazine in the middle creating common grounds.

Media content owners: Photographers, musicians, illustrators, writers, journalists, artists

Media content movers: Publishers Stock Photography agencies, websites

Media content users: Advertising agencies, graphic designers, consumers, publishers

I hope you continue to help by sharing articles with friends and collegues, following us on linkedin or twitter and adding your details in the directory. I will continue to focus on generating interesting and relevant content. We have a numbe of articles in the pipeline and have a few great interviews planned for the coming weeks. Do check out the archive for articles you may have missed. Don’t forget to let me know if you have ideas for articles. Work will soon start on edition two of the online magazine and you can also expect a number of specials.

I hope you’re enjoying the webbsite and magazine and look forward to hearing from you on the site, whether you have a newstip, an idea for an article, a comment on an article or a contribution to the forum.

Picture: Stock exchange |Pavel-Jedlicka | Airplane

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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