Magazine readers awaited with great anticipation

This article describes the anticipation of a new generation of magazine readers that will allow a full magazine experience that goes beyond Amazon’s Kindle and its competition. These readers, combined with technologies  like issuu (which is used by this magazine) and new ways to design magazines like FLYP will provide new ways to enjoy magazines in a format that uses imagery, video and links. This mix of web technologies with the experience of reading a traditional magazine will be one of the ways for magazines to retrieve some of their lost readership and revenue.

From the article:

Video is a huge area of interest, said Jeanniey Mullen, global executive vp, chief marketing officer for Zinio, a technology company that creates online replicas of magazines’ print editions. E-readers also could let magazines become e-commerce tools by embedding retailer links in fashion spreads.

via Magazine e-Reading Turns Page.

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