Will it Stick? Who will pay or content and how

Here at Fast Media Magazine we are keeping a close eye on the debate about paid content models online. We do this because it affects all content owners, movers and users. With so many possible combinations of models the big question is “will it stick ?” That’s why that will be the header of posts  about this subject from now on.

The  debate about paid content online shows now signs of closure. With Rupert Murdoch and several other media moguls in one corner and bloggers, proponents of free content and several research papers in the other there  are regular, and mostly contradictory claims about the best businessmodel that will generate revenues online.

It is clear that something needs to be done as other articles here in Fast Media magazine show that there is no improvement in traditional media. In fact, redundancies at newspapers and magazines are set to continue in the weeks and months to come. Here at Fast Media Magazine I will aggregate some of the articles on the subject and find authoritative opinions like those of David Campbell who’s research I brought forward here.

Neither side is backing down and while research keeps on showing that readers will not pay for content online supporters of paywalls are preparing their partnerships and setting up their models for a midterm launch.

Today research showed that 9 out of 10 people in the UK will not pay for content on the web, on the same day Murdoch said he wants to move away from advertising to a paid model and Techcrunch comments on similarities in various industries when it comes to paid content.  On a bright note for paid content the Financial times reported an increase in revenue from their paid subscriptions online.

UK consumers won’t pay for web news, report says – Media news – Media Week
mediaweek.co.uk | October 21, 2009
Quote: It found that 91% of UK consumers would be unwilling to pay for news online and 90% would be unwilling to pay for news analysis. Of those aged 16 to 24, 86% would never pay for news online, while in the 45 to 54 age sectors, 96% said they would not pay.

Murdoch moves from advert dependency
The Age

Nielsen Deliver Slap In The Face For Murdoch & Paid Content – Smarthouse
smarthouse.com.au | October 20, 2009

techdirt.com | October 20, 2009
Quote: The newspapers, like the recording industry, seem to be under the delusion that they’re somehow owed money from consumers, rather than needing to actually give them a reason to buy.

Earnings: FT Group Paid Subs Drive Slim Revenue Growth | paidContent
paidContent.org | October 20, 2009
Quote: FT Group’s paid content strategy is steering the business back into revenue growth, as it announces a three percent sales lift for the first nine months of the year and a 10 percent revenue rise with the favourable dollar exchange rate.

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