Invitation to join the forum

Dear subscribers and visitors. It’s time to kickstart the forum. There are many place where photographers can share opinions, wether its various microstock websites or the companies that sell their images like Alamy, dreamstime, etc. The forum on this site is the first one to facilitate the debate between Media content owners, movers and users* So this includes photographers but also Stock agencies, clients, consumers etc, everyone that has an opinion about Media content can start a conversation, react and challenge.

Every beginning is hard and a new forum takes some time to come alive. Your help in getting it going is appreciated, have a look at any of the over 200 pieces of content on the site, see what sparks your interest and ask your question and give your opinion. It’s a bit like the first person on the dancefloor, soon after the party gets going. Let’s see if we can get this one started as well.

So help make this community really alive. With thousands of readers this month it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for your support, I do appreciate it and hope you get what you need out of the website, magazine and forum.

* Owners (e.g. photographers, musicians, copywriters, journalists, and illustrators) | Movers (e.g. Stock photography agencies, record companies, publishers and websites) | Users (e.g. advertising agencies, designers, corporations and consumers)

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses