Newspapers not catching wave of increased spending

The New York times uses the latest media data to show that, while the internet is the only advertising media that is expected to grow this revenue does not end up with newspapers. This is leading to further challenges for Newspapers that are allready struggling.

Over all, the Internet is the only advertising medium expected to grow this year in the United States, rising 9.2 percent, to $54.1 billion, according to figures released this month by ZenithOptimedia, a media service firm.

Newspaper sites cannot seem to catch that wave

via Advertising – Newspapers May Face Ad Difficulties on Web Sites, Too –

In the meantime the argument for paywalls continues

Sooner or Later, All of You Will Pay – 2009-10-24 02:00:00 EDT | Broadcasting & Cable
Broadcasting & Cable | October 26, 2009
Quote: With some business models already tumbling and others generating cause for concern, many parts of the content creation and delivery industry are accelerating plans to charge for what once was free. That was one of the key takeaways from a star-studded lineup of media executives who spoke at the Broadcasting & Cable/Multichannel News 2009 OnScreen Media Summit at New York’s Edison Ballroom on Oct. 21.

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