Newspaper circulation continues to plunge

While newspaper circulation continues to come down Forbes magazine is cutting jobs. This follows a long list of magazines that are actively cutting jobs and departments following reduced circulation and advertising revenue.

Forbes to slash 30 jobs
New York Post | October 27, 2009
Quote: Forbes Media will cut 30 to 40 people from its depleted editorial ranks over the next three days, as its magazine braces for losses, sources said. “We — and the entire media world — have been hit hard by the severe recession and the seismic shifts wrought by the Web,” Chairman Steve Forbes said in a memo announcing the third round of layoffs this year.

Newspaper circulation plunge accelerates | Entertainment | Industry | Reuters
Reuters UK | October 27, 2009
Quote: The pace of decline more than doubled compared with last year. From September 2007 to September 2008, circulation fell 4.6 percent.

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