Microstock ‘superstore’ adds Dreamstime to product line up

Pixmac, a microstock reseller with over 7 million images online has added Dreamstime to its portflio. It allready sells Fotolia’s microstock content and has also been moving upmarket. The company has added 100.000 Imagesource images to the site.

From the Pixmac blog:

Pixmac brings two big microstock players to one place. Imagine one place for almost any picture. You’ll get simple and fast user interface and you know what? You’ll get a fair price. And that’s not all.

You may know Pixmac as a Fotolia reseller. Now it changes. There is no agency like Pixmac any more. Pixmac now sells millions of Fotolia pictures, millions of Dreamstime photos, their own Pixmac collection, fresh Celebrity pics and that’s just the microstock.

via Dreamstime stock photos at Pixmac « Pixmac Blog.

Marco | Editor

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