How Content Creators Can Benefit From Piracy

Alok Kejriwal, a digital entrepreneur in Mumbai wonders why leading companies don’t embrace piracy by making investments or outright buying companies that seemingly threaten existing businessmodels. In this article in Content Sutra he puts forward a number of options on how existing companies can benefit from changing their perceptions. Here’s a very short excerpt from the article:

Piracy creates economies of scale.

Distribution by agencies and companies is history. Consumers distribute content amongst themselves—leading to almost tsunami like waves of consumption and distribution…Cont.

Piracy creates democracy.

Pirates are the best advertising agents out there. And they come for free. The stars in the making need to partner with this global tide rather than fight it…Cont.

Piracy creates innovation.

The big gaming-console companies did not succeed in markets like China due to rampant piracy. Their game CDs were copied and sold in the black market. They felt cheated and held back. That created a massive vacuum in the market. cont.

Both the gaming and music industry have learned about piracy the hard way. This article provides a different approach that can incentivise Media content owners to think about the opportunites around piracy early in the change process

via How Content Creators Can Benefit From Piracy | contentSutra.

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One thought on “How Content Creators Can Benefit From Piracy

  • November 5, 2009 at 10:31 am

    That’s an interesting one – and the debate in the comments.
    Harnessing pirates as distributors, is a pretty big challenge to traditional ways of distributing content!
    Doesn’t go the whole hog of establishing an online model that will generate the revenue needed to support high quality content. Inviziads may support a small number of casual online games programmers, but not a worldwide network of photographers.

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