Livebooks lowers upfront cost and extends options

Livebooks  has secured $5 million in funding from strategic and private investors to allow the company to expand into new markets and create more flexible and affordable payment and design options for its customers. Livebook is a provider of websites for creative professionals to promote and manage their businesses online.

The company has created web sites for the world’s top photographers, such as Chris Rainier, National Geographic Photographic Fellow, Nature photographer, and host of PBS’s “Adventures to the Edge”, Art Wolfe and celebrity Photographer Harry Benson. As well as more than 7000 other photographers and creative professionals.

With the new funding, liveBooks is expanding its offering in three ways;

  • Lowering the cost of entry to the liveBooks suite, so removing the barrier of upfront commitment
  • Entering new creative professional markets such as graphic design and interior design, so that many more professionals can benefit
  • Extending the functionality of the offers to go beyond simple portfolio sites to sites designed to manage the business of the creative professional

“While liveBooks has developed a sterling reputation in the photography industry, it is clear that anybody who is selling something visual in nature and who wants to ensure that their unique brand is manifested on the internet can benefit immensely from a liveBooks site,” said Laura Shore, Senior Vice President of Communications at Mohawk Fine Papers. “Our partnership with liveBooks is an important component of our own stated direction; to expand our sphere of influence beyond paper products to incorporate a 360 degree focus on related products and services to the graphics industry. We are delighted to be working with liveBooks and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.”

via Press – liveBooks.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses