Getty Images issues call for Flickr artists

Getty Images partnered with Flickr about a year ago and is now issuing a formal call for artists. Any Flickr artist can now submit work to be considered for submission to the collection. This can be done through the call for artists group on Flickr. It appears that the task of finding suitable, relevant images in the Flickr collection was a little bit too overwhelming. With only 10 images to review per submission the task for the Getty Images art-directors will become easier. From the Getty Images blog:

“In the past, the Flickr community could set their account settings to reflect that they wanted to be contacted by Getty Images, but could not proactively present a portfolio of photos for consideration. We know how eager Flickr members have been to showcase their work and wanted to develop a solution.”

“A submission needs to include exactly 10 images that represent what they consider to be the best of their work. The Getty Images create team will evaluate submissions based on style, subject matter and technical skill. If some or all of the photos – or other images from that member’s photostream — are selected for the Flickr Collection on Getty Images, they will receive an invitation via Flickrmail. “

The Call for artists group on Flickr currently has a little over 3.000 members

via Getty Images Blog » Blog Archive » The Flickr Collection by Getty Images Announces Call for Artists.

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