Shooting stock video 101

This is the last in a series of three video’s from the Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) confererence 2009. After the keynote speech by Maria Kessler and a Google and Imense presentation on Visual search this one is about the opportunities in shooting video. The debate centers around opportunies resulting from higher barriers to entry in video as opposed to stills where user generated content has flooded the market.  The presentations and debates are introduced and moderated by Christina Vaughan, Co-founder and CEO of Imagesource, VP of PACA and President of CEPIC.

The first 35 minutes are focussed on presentations of the four panelists. At 3 mins. Mark Andersen, co-founder of Rubberball productions shows a number of showreels. This is followed by Stuart Cohen, photographer and co-founder at Blend who shows work with an emphasis on telling stories. Moving from content to production and post-production Steve Boxell,  digital decaff co-founder introduces the company and the services it provides that help pull a production together. At 28 min Peter Avildsen of Adnet adresses postproduction.

The questions start at 36 minutes and are kicked of by Jim Pickerell of Selling Stock.

Picture: Stock Exchange | Road Blur | Ariel da Silva

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