Crowd sourced music video aimed at the charts

In another YouTube music video project, a group of young YouTube users have collaborated on a charity project called the Chartjackers. The aim is to reach the UK charts with a music video that was entirely created by the YouTube community. This is a second example of projects that uses seemingly useless- and worthless elements to create something that appeals to the public and builds value from these pieces of  user generated content.



“The lyrics of the song are made up of YouTube comments, compiled into a song by another YouTuber. The lyrics were released and then YouTubers wrote a melody for the lyrics, and we picked our favourite. We held YouTube auditions via video response to pick the band, found the producer of the song through YouTube, and the music video is made up of literal interpretations of the lyrics, clapping and singing along, by YouTubers! It’s a bit YouTubey. All of the money from the song goes directly to Children In Need, so I hope you’ll consider helping us by buying the song, and telling all your friends and family to buy it too! Thanks :)”

via Mashabe | Huffington Post

Marco | Editor

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