What is the ‘Interestnet’ and will they block Google?

Jon Miller, The Chief Digital officer of Newscorp, a company more known for its advocacy of raising paywalls for online content than new media strategy has coined a new term: ‘the Interestnet’ . He used this term when comparing Facebook to the Newscorp owned Myspace:“Facebook is what people are up to. MySpace is what people are in to,” Miller said during a keynote at the ad:tech conference in New York. Interestnet would apply to a place where people discuss common interests as opposed to sharing basic daily activities. via News Corp.’s Digital Arm Homes In On “The Interestnet” – Venture Capital Dispatch – WSJ.

In the meatime the CEO of the corporation,  media mogul Rupert Murdoch has repeatedly reminded everyone that he intends to put online Newscorp content behind paywals and has even gone as far as to talk about content Kleptomania. The Paywall plans have now been delayed, but in a recent speech he continued to challenge Google on sharing news freely with users. He said Newscorp may remove stories from Google’s search index as a way to encourage people to pay for content online. He said this in an interview with Sky News Australia. This would be done once the content of his newspapers would have the charges implemented.  In an October speech he had allready outlined plans to charge Google for Newscorp news stories. via Murdoch could block Google searches entirely | Media | guardian.co.uk.

Update: Google reaction and analysis of the traffic Newscorp newspapers would lose.

The Traffic News Corp. Would Lose Without Google | WebProNews
WebProNews | November 11, 2009
Quote: This week, a Google spokesman told Emma Barnett at the Telegraph, “Google News and web search are a tremendous source of promotion for news organisations, sending them about 100,000 clicks every minute.” and… “If publishers want their content to be removed from Google News specifically all they need to do is tell us.” So in other words, Google is fine with Murdoch pulling out. News Corp.’s the one that stands to lose more from that

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