New microstock site launches in Brazil

Experienced stock industry professional Gianfranco Coppola has launched microfoto. It is labelled as the largest Brazilian based stock photography website for creative digital stock images in three languages. Gianfranco told me has had the idea for a long time. From the decision to go ahead, building the site and dealing with the various complications took a year. At the time Gianfranco was also dealing with another business and this added some extra time.

He also confirmed that, like other microstock companies, the site works with credits and $1 equals one credit (prices start at one credit). Initially the site will be targeted at Brazilian buyers who have budget constraints and cannot afford traditional royalty free photography. The company does service international buyers with credit cards and paypal but has no immediate plans for other countries.  At launch the site will offer 7 million images, illustrations and vectors. Pricing is based on a ranking system, which provides photographers and designers the freedom to set their own prices as well as increase revenue potential based on purchases. Gianfranco also said:

 “The Microfoto website for digital stock images encourage consumers worldwide to access legal images at the lowest price. This business model is poised to help fight image piracy on the internet and also allow all type of consumers to access low budget but quality royalty-free images,  Microfoto is designed to be a legal source of inspiration where the creative visual arts community can benefit from a global image library of quality and originality at an affordable price or even for free.”

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses