Eurobest Advertising festival starts 27th of November

The Eurobest advertising festival will kick of in Amsterdam this month on the 27th of November and ends on the 29th. The prizes were established in 1988 and this is the second year of the festival.

“Eurobest is now Europe’s largest awards and creative advertising and communications Festival. It’s an opportunity to see and celebrate the best work produced in Europe, hear what is hot and happening in Europe and meet the key players in the European industry,” said Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, organisers of Eurobest.

The festival will have 7 juries, 7 jury presidents, and 66 judges from 20 European countries. The categories are: TV/Cinema, Print, Outdoor, Radio, Interactive, Direct & Sales Promotion, Media, Design, Integrated and NEW for this year, Craft – at the interactive kiosks, exhibitions and screenings. All juries Therea are also 26 Seminars, 8 Workshops and 76 Speakers of 65 companies.

Wednesday 25 November will see the Opening Party that will feature a showcase of creativity, new talent and the new democracy of filmmaking with the comedian, writer, actor and director Adam Buxton who will introduce a special session of BUG, an awe-inspiring and innovative music video showcase.




Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses