Microsoft may partner with Newspapers to hit Google

Microsoft is doing everything it can to take marketshare from Google with their Bing search engine. After adding Wolfram Alpha to its search results earlier this month it now looks as if they are talking to major content providers in a possible strategic partnership. This comes at a painful time for Google who are facing an attack of the Newscorp Ceo who is threatening to take out its content from the Google search results.

“From what we understand from our sources, the pitch was clear. Microsoft plans to launch an assault on Google’s flank, by cosying up to major content providers, especially newspapers, that feel hard done by Google News. It plans to use Bing as a way to entice them out of the Google eco-system, into one where, increasingly, the content of major newspapers could well be found more often on Bing than on Google“. via Badda Bing! Microsoft woos newspapers by funding their stick to beat Google.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses