Car magazines make images available for licensing

Transtock; a stock photography business specializing in transportation images, recently finalized an exclusive deal with Hachette Filipacchi Media. For the first time, both the still images and HD video footage from Road & Track and Car and Driver magazines will be available for licensing. Transtock is the largest stock image and footage library that specializes in transportation images. I made some further enquiries on the deal and Dean Siracusa, president of California based Transtock clarified the arrangement.

How much content is there?

Road & Track and Car And Driver Magazines cover the vast majority of the cars and trucks sold in the US each year. A little more information is that there are 350 different car and truck models sold in the US each year. And, each year around 30% of them are new or updated models. So, over a three year period more than 90% of the vehicles are covered by these two magazines in both still photo and HD video format. These vehicles are filmed primarily in unique locations all across the country. 

Where will clients be able to purchase the images from these magazines?

We’ve got an exclusive contract with Hachette Filipacchi Media for the automotive collections of these two magazines. We will be licensing the images and HD video both in-house as well as through our distribution channels. 

How about pricing for these collection. Any changes?

The pricing is the same as our other Rights Managed content. 

What about rights; can these images be cleared for commercial usages?

Just as with the rest of our collection we have a Rights Clearances department and we’re more than happy to help our clients obtain trademark releases for advertising use of these images if they need it.  

When will the collections become available for clients?

We have access to the entire collection now but these images and HD footage will begin going live on our site within the next few weeks. We still have to add the appropriate metadata to all the images we’ll be receiving so that takes a bit of time. But, we’ve got a complete list of what is available and can get comps and samples to anyone that may need something specific. 

Anything else that needs mentoning?

One other thing to mention is that the combined images and HD video from both magazines will be available in a very unique licensing model that we now have. Many clients need a large amount of images and we’re able to license them as a collection. An example is an insurance company website that needs a front 3/4 view of all models of cars sold in the USA for consumers to view on their website. We can license that set for a single annual fee. This is far easier than the traditional image licensing models for these types of clients.


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