What makes photographers successful #3

Here is number three in a series with answers on the question:

What is the single most important thing you have done that made you a better and/or more successful photographer?

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  • Attitude

     The most important thing I have done and continue to do is after getting the “shot” make sure and look around at another way to get the “shot”. That and shoot, shoot, shoot! | Skip Nall

    To get better I’d say to simply keep taking more pictures and trying new things. To an extent success, depending on how it is defined, can follow by getting your good images out there and seen| F57

    Routine by its nature can easily lead to stagnation. When that happens, we need to look for ways to mix it up a bit, to find inspiration that will help us see our own image-making worlds in new ways | Gerry Thies

    Richard Avedon once gave one of my clients one piece of advice and one only to become a respected photographer: ALWAYS stick to your guns. If you believe in it, they will too | Martin Mac Gibbon

    Better photographer : take more and more….. and more photographs. Then look back at your older photographs and see how you’ve improved. More successful : don’t photograph whatever just happens to be in front of you, anyone can one do that with the right conditions ; apply you own creativity | Darryl Webb

    The thought process and creativity are something that can only be learnt through trial and error , so for me the brain is the most important tool along with your own creativity | Stephen D Bryan


    Staying eager to learn, and then to learn. Then one can hope to be better… | Adam James


    Find someone you respect as a person as well as a photography professional to co-operate with. Make sure you aren’t a parasite, give as much support, feedback and inspiration as you recive! |  Per-Erik Nilsson

    I have it is not what you know but who you know. Success is a contact sport | Daniel Posner


    As in all walks of life… whatever it is, be it corporate lawyer, politician or photographer…. you have to sell yourself | Charles Briscoe-Knight

    Developing a long term clientele and seeking out the short term clients that become long term clients | Jay Rosenblatt

    understanding my clients’ needs, learning the business side of our profession, and understanding the importance of a  good website designed and maintained for Search Engine Optimization | Don B. Stevenson  

    Start submitting photos to online stock libraries. If your technique isn’t up to snuff, you’ll get feedback very quickly (in the form of QC rejections). This won’t improve your photograhper’s eye, but you will improve or give up | Charles Lupica.

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