Will the Apple tablet change everything?

The expectations for the new Apple tablet are enormous. Some think that without proper electronic readers there will be no future for magazines and newspapers. The launch has now been delayed but media keep on trying to find ways to find out what ultimate design will look like. So far this has been fairly unsuccessful.

If the rumors are true, the tablet will be able to do basically everything a gadget could possibly do. It’s an e-reader, a gaming device, and a music player. You can watch TV and movies on it and surf the Internet (or so we’ve heard). And it will have thousands of third-party apps available for it … or maybe it will run Mac OS X. That’s all still unknown.

Coolest device … ever? Maybe. Some analysts are channeling their inner-Frodo, saying the Apple tablet will be the one gadget to rule them all.via Apple tablet: The everything killer – Nov. 16, 2009.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses