Media Week to close after nearly 25 years

In the same week that Mediaweek is to close after 25 years a number of other publications announced significant cuts in headcount:

  • Window Media (Gay and Lesbian pubisher): 411
  • AP: 90
  • Time inc including Fortune: 500
  • AOL: 2.500 (voluntary buyouts first)
  • Businessweek: 100
  • Lord Heseltine’s Haymarket Publishing is to close Media Week after almost 25 years as part of a restructure of its marketing and advertising trade titles, including Campaign and Marketing, that will see the loss of 18 editorial jobs.

    Media Week magazine will close immediately, although it will retain its website and awards portfolio, as part of the restructuring, with around 30% of the 58 editorial roles at risk in Haymarket’s Brand Media group. via Media Week to close after nearly 25 years | Media |

    More information on the staff cuts:

    Massive Layoffs In The Media Sector This Week – Pressed – | November 23, 2009
    Quote: Another grim week in the media business has ended, and not a minute too soon. As in other industries hit by the recession, workers in the news and information business have had to adjust to a new reality, one in which weekly rounds of layoffs and the closure of bureaus and entire publications has become the norm

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