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The Blogpaper has launched on friday in London where it was distributed at four underground stations. In a strange twist to a world where most printed media go online the opposite is happening here. The blogpaper allows users to upload and nomimate stories from blogs on its site. Users then vote for the best ones and these are added to an online magazine and a print version that gets distributed for free. The technology for the online magazine is the same as the one we use here at Fast Media Magazine (Issuu).

The concept is based on the startingpoint that many people decide what’s wort publishing as opposed to a small team of traditional editors. The publications wants to ‘put the majority in charge’.

The site work as a news community which allows anyone to publish written and visual work online and in print. Rating and commenting, in other words the community, defines what is promoted to the front pages as well as to the printed version. theblogpaper aims to publish the first user-generated newspaper in London. Members of theblogpaper write, rate and discuss the news and therefore “make the news”. 

The papers aim is described as follows: To publish a weekly and free newspaper in the city of London. It serves as a weekly summary of the “best” user submitted content. The difference from other free publications is that theblogpaper consists exclusively of user submitted content. Content is researched, written and contributed by members of the Furthermore the community decides what is promoted to the publication, defining first of all what content is worth printing and second of all, what people are going to receive

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