Grow revenue with our benefits program

Fast Media Magazine is offering Stock Media companies and photographers a free opportunity that can help grow clientlists and revenue.

By participating in our benefits program you are helping our readers get a fair deal on photography, video and other media while driving traffic and prospects to your website. It works just like a vouchercode.

Buying Stock media can be a confusing experience with numerous offers available at any time. This can be daunting and confusing for buyers. Our single code gives them the confidence to know what benefits are available at a single glance while giving you, the sellers a single and flexible  platform to offer something special.

How does it work?

  1. You send an email to with your offer and timeframe
  2. We will publish a daily code on our homepage
  3. Readers that want to buy Stock Media pick up the code and check out the available deals
  4. You let your salesteam know what the daily code is and enable your website if possible
  5. Prospects visit your site and use the code to get your offer or mention it to your salesteam

The endresult? You get new prospects and readers get a fair deal.

What’s in it for us?

First of all, we like to give our readers something special and help them  get a fair deal on their favourite products. Secondly we like to make things simple; we realise rolling out offers can sometimes be confusing and frustrating (if you have a big reseller network) and this will make things easier. Finally, we hope that while picking up the code readers of our magazine will take some time to check out our articles, forum and directory.

We’re not charging for this service and will manage  this all in-house. You can change your offer daily if you want to, and drop in- and out when you want. Just send an email and we’ll take care of everything.

You can join now by sending us an email with a short description of your offer. We allready have several companies on board and will launch the program here shortly so the sooner you send it in the better!

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses