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Leading Stock Photography and Video companies want you to get your favourite pictures for the best possible price. Fast Media Magazine is presenting all these offers in one place.

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  1. Go to our site and check out the banner in the sidebar. It’s  a small document that contains all the latest deals
  2. Check out te code on the booklet and write it down. Only that one will be valid and it will changed regularly.
  3. Click through to your favourite supplier and use the code online or over the phone to get your saving
  4. Share it with all your colleagues so they can save money too

You won’t have to compromise on quality and will save time in the process.

We all want to get a fair deal on our favourite products but it can time finding products that fit the budget or negotiating a good price. Thay is why we have done the work for you and made it easy. We can do this because we are industry insiders with longstanding relationships with the companies you work with. These companies are going out of their way to offer you relevant discounts, deals and benefits that you can start using today.


Is there a catch?

No, not at all, we do not take a commission (we just hope to see you here frequently). The companies that we work with read this magazine and are interested in connecting with its readers (and of course the would love to sell a picture or two).

How you can help

If you like to buy your photography at a company that’s not listed in the booklet don’t worry, we may be talking to them allready. If not, why don’t you tell them about the initiative? They can then contact us on and we will gladly get them on board and work out a suitable offer.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses