Magazines will buy more photography next year

Check out this video and then consider what this means for the exponential amount of photography and video that will be used by magazines if the Apple  tablet comes alive. Time Inc is giving us a peak in the future of magazines. In this future the amount of images that are used to illustrate articles will grow…well, as much as you’d like.

Because the magazine is digital there are no resrictions to how much visual content can be shown with the written word. In a world where the price of imagery has come down this is a great example of how new technology can tap into a long tail of content and create more volume and revenues for photographers.

Magazines have started to explore the possibilities in anticipation of new technoly. Condé Nast says it will have a digital version of Wired magazine ready for the rumored gadget by the middle of next year and will eventually create similar versions for all of its 18 titles. via Cond Nast Prepares Tablet Magazines for Apple Device and Others | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD

All of this now seems to depend on the highly anticipated tablet from Apple, who previously denied working on one and now says it could be ready in 2010. The anticipations for the device are extremely high, showcased by companies allready showing their applicatons for the tablet without having had conversations with Apple about it.

Clearly though there are opportunities for photography and in particular for the combination of video and stills as demonstrated in the video. More good news is that some companies have allready started to build these mixed offers.


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3 thoughts on “Magazines will buy more photography next year

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  • December 5, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Great. Now my pictures will sell for $.30 each. This devalues photography to the extent that it will be impossible to make a living. Website have already made a $500 photo into a $25 photo, which then the blogs all steal and repost without paying anything.
    “great example of how new technology can tap into a long tail of content and create more volume and revenues for photographers.”

    What they don’t get is that digital will bring the price per image down so low that the volume will not make up for it.

    • December 14, 2009 at 5:06 pm

      Just face it… Technology will be developed at a faster rate than ever. What can you do when technology is changing our industry? Change with it.

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