Google adds annotations to analytics

Everyone that uses Google analytics to power their website reporting understands the depth of the reporting. Google has now added functionality that adds a personal touch to the output. With Annotations you can leave shared or private notes right on the graph.

“Building upon the concept of bringing Intelligence to data, Annotations complements existing anomaly detection by capturing the tribal intelligence of your company, which tends to be the most expensive and easily lost resource of all. A simple note from a colleague can save hours of real work (and frustration) for an analyst who is tasked to explain a usually dry set of numbers.”

Here are some examples where this could be useful:

  • Was that dip in traffic because the servers went down?
  • When did the new display ads campaign launch?
  • Who’s responsible for the checkout page redesign and when did it go live?

via Google Analytics Blog: Holiday Bonus: More Great Features.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses