Streaming your images to a clients Iphone

Leaf Imaging announced a new application that lets photographers working with their equipment stream images directly to an Apple iPhone™, or iPod® Touch. This is an extension of their existing Capture 11 workflow software. This way clients can follow the shoot as it happens.

“The Leaf Capture Remote application allows photographers and digital operators using Leaf digital backs and camera systems to view, zoom and pan high resolution Leaf RAW images on an Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the first application to permit real-time, on-set remote viewing of medium format images, enabling instant feedback on any shot. 

 “Leaf Capture Remote lets me quickly check my files when I can’t see my laptop on location,” says Dutch-based professional photographer Frank Doorhof of Studio FD, “or I can just give my visitors an iPhone to browse and check it themselves without interrupting our workflow. Simply put — it rocks.”

Leaf Capture Remote application version 1.0 is free and available now for download from Apple’s iPhone App Store. It supports all Leaf products that connect to Leaf Capture.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses