Google launches all important real time search

We’ve been a bit overwhelmed with Google news this week. First there was Google Goggles then improvements in image search results. At the same time the company launched real time search. The real-time information is providers by partners like Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku , and Twitter

Real-time search enables you to discover breaking news the moment it’s happening, even if it’s not the popular news of the day, and even if you didn’t know about it beforehand.

This is how it works:

Click on “Latest results” or select “Latest” from the search options menu to view a full page of live tweets, blogs, news and other web content scrolling right on Google. You can also filter your results to see only “Updates” from micro-blogs like Twitter, FriendFeed, Jaiku and others. Latest results and the new search options are also designed for iPhone and Android devices when you need them on the go, be it a quick glance at changing information like ski conditions or opening night chatter about a new movie — right when you’re in line to buy tickets.

You can also follow hot topics in Google trends now. Ths is where the most common subjects that are published on the web can be followed in real-time. via Official Google Blog.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses