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It’s been a crazy week for Fast Media Magazine.

For starters, our hosting company got hacked on wednesday bringing down the site for a few hours with just a “hacked” message appearing on screen. This was a pretty scary experience but some early morning calls and a patch from the hosting company have fixed the problem so far. It did lead to a glitch on thursday as well and we’re working through this. Nerve-wracking stuff but we’re moving in the right direction. It does mean we’ve been a bit short on articles these last 2 days, but the cue is full and we’ll be right back on monday.

We announced the opening of the Hotshoe photographers members club this week. A space in Central London where photographers can work, relax and network. The club opens in January and has started taking members. I’m in the club commitee and Fast Media Magazine is offering benefits for members. I will work from the club a couple of days a week starting January, this should be fun and I do hope to meet some of you over there. I will keep you posted on my where-abouts via Twitter.

We also launched our benefis program of deals and discounts for Stock Photography and video buyers.

Any buyer can now come to the site, pick up a disountcode, check out the available deals and make savings immediately. This is made possible by the generous contributions of participating companies. This will make Fast Media Magazine a very interesting destination for advertising agencies, publishers and corporations. I hope that this in turn will lead to discussions and debates between creators, distributors and users of visual media.

Last but not least, I decided to make standard Directory entries free of charge. You can now find a series of buttons on the site that require a small investment. If you want to have a featured listing there’s also a very small monthly fee. But a regular lising is once again free. As a photographer you’ll get exposure to stock agencies, and if you are such an agency you can make sure clients can find you here as well. I would like this to become a great source of information where companies can find all the resources they need.

I will keep on working on relevant content over the coming weeks. Feel free to give me tips and ideas. Maybe we should even write about you?…

Thanks for reading and keep those comments going.

Marco Oonk, editor

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses