Imense makes improvements to Annotator product

We interviewed Tony Rowland of Imense back in October. He introduced a series of products and services to our readers and talked about the history of the company. We then showed you the panel that Imense sat on during the 2009 Paca conference. Now the company is announcing a range of additions to their Annotator keywording platform.

Users can now prioritise their keywording by using a simple drag and drop function, in tandem with the new export function to automatically populate the Alamy “Essential” and “Comprehensive” keyword fields.

Combined with the ability to export to Getty, Corbis and age fotostock formats, the functionlity is meant to save photographers time by removing the need to manually reformat their metadata to meet distributors’ requirements. To complement the spreadsheet export functions, creators can now also export their keywording directly from Annotator into the IPTC Core of the hi-res images on their servers, desktops or hard drives.

Other improvements in the Annotator agency package are multiple logins, the ability to customise the associative and controlled vocabularies to reflect specialist agency’s content, and a higher image limit.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses